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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 24, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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a major drug bust in the heart of silicon valley. tonight: who is under arrest, the alarming accusations. and what comes next. plus: the many reasons money laundering could be considered a good thing. we'll get down and dirty for this one. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. now at eight the call him el blanco: federal agents say, he is responsible for supplying silicon valley with millions of dollars of cocaine and meth-amphetmanine. whoosh high drama on a freeway overpass. tonight you can hear from the man who helped to save this person on interstate 580 today. whoosh california's drought deepens. we have the latest maps. and san francisco is planning to tap into groundwater wells, despite concerns about contamination. this water is safe and reliable and will continue to be safe and reliable. whoosh yesterday. nearly a half century after the beatles' final historic concert, paul mccartney makes it official. he is returning for the city's farewell. to candlestich park. this old broken down stadium scored one last touchdown this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. now at 8-- a major bust in the south bay. tonight. police say, drugs. weapons. and thousands of dollars in laundered cash. are
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off the streets. and more than a dozen people are behind bars. including a high- ranking member of a mexican drug cartel. kron 4's jeff bush is live in san jose with details on the sting. jeff. how did authorities track them down? april showers are on the way tonight. i'm live in the weather center with our chief meterologist jacqueline bennett. jacqueline when will we see some rain? a frightening police chase through the streets of vallejo. ends with the suspects running, and a police car crashing into a pole. the crash put two officers in hospital. new tonight at 8-- kron 4's scott rates shows us how those officers are doing tonight, and why police were so desperate to get the suspect off the streets. police say, they have cracked the case of a woman gunned down in oakland. judy salamon was shot to death last july. she was a beloved dog walker. well known in her community as a person who worked to make east oakland a safer place., kron 4's haaziq madyun has more on the men now accused of her murder. and new details about the circumstances of the crime. "we believe that miss solomon witnessed some kind of crime being committed by the two individuals" judy salamon gunned down 9- months ago in east oakland, now
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opd investigators say they found the two men responsible for her murder "mario floyd who was the driver of the suspect vehicle and stephon lee, aka feenee, who we believe is the person who shot miss solomon" opd sgt. mike gantt says salamon, a strong neighborhood watch participant, noticed the two men doing something illegal in her neighborhood and took out her cellphone camera ""she began to record their activitiesshot and killed and her phone taken" gantt says the two suspects were already in in custody for two separate crimes, when help from witnesses linked them to salamon's muder "from that one witnesses information" as for oakland residents following someone who may have committed a crime lt. gant had this to say ".i think she was brave lady" in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news the oakland police department -- is working to get a handle on violence in the city. by pushing a neighborhood safety plan. the department is partnering up with bay area- based company called. 'next-door'. it is a free and private social network for residents to use.
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the partneship is supposed to give residents more ways to connect with the police department and each other. about the things that matter the most to the community. "." oakland police say, more than 140 neighborhoods. representing 84-percent of the city. have started next-door websites. tonight alameda police are asking for the publics help. to find a 10 year old boy. police say, steven hendrieth. ran away from home, and was last seen at haight school this afternoon. he is 4 -feet 10- inches tall, 90- pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes. he was wearing a red plaid shirt and blue jeans, and carrying either a red and black, or gray and orange backpack. police say, there is a possibility that steven may be on his way to oakland. tonight we're learning that an elderly man. arrested in connection with a shooting at a daly city medical center. was a former patient of one of the doctors there. it happened wednesday in the 15- hundred block southgate. police surrounded the building. guns drawn. as workers came out with their hands behind their heads. raymond iwase was taken into custody later that night. at his home in daly city.
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they say he allegedly fired at one of the doctors working there. ".gunshot was heard." neighbors say, the man lives alone in his home on plymouth circle. and does not interact much with others on the street. police say they also recovered a gun and ammunition at his home. 49ers linebacker aldon smith's alleged bomb threat at l-a-x. will not result in a felony charge. the l-a county district attorney's office. has sent the case the city attorney's office. for a possible misdemeanor charge. smith was arrested april 13 at l-a-x. this is video when he was taken into custody. airport police say, the 24-year- old player -- was randomly selected for a secondary screening. and became uncooperative. allegedly saying that he had a bomb. happening now. playoff fever sweeping the bay area -- as the golden state warriors. are playing the l-a clippers as we speak.
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everywhere you turn. you see signs on buses and buildings cheering on the warriors. kron 4's j-r stone is live at oracle arena tonight --- j.r? ahead at eight: find out what it will take for the coming rain to make a dent in the drought. later in our broadcast: how your money could be giving you the cooties.
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but first: good samaritans rush to the rescue. when someone tries to take their own life on a busy bay area highway. oakland police say, it was quick- thinking citizens.who rescued a person off of an overpass on interstate 580. authorities say, the person was threatening to jump. when a group of good samaritans went into action. new tonight at 8-- kron 4's philippe djegal is live near the scene. with reaction from one of the heroes. philippe? pam. this good samaritan was on his way home. taking the route he does everyday. when all of a suddent he noticed something out of the ordinary.
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many people may have kept walking. but lonnie monroe took action. sot- lonnie monroe/good samaritan that's what longtime oakland resident lonnie monroe stressed to the person one the ardley overpass thursday afternoon. trying his best to keep the person from jumping onto coming traffic on interstate 580. sot- lonnie monroe, who works as a handy man, used the overpass to walk home. sot- lonnie from a distance, monroe saw the person sneak through this break in the fence. sot- lonnie from there, monroe says walkinge ledge, until reaching the 14th avenue park blvd sign. monroe says he stayed with the person for what seemed like an eternity, trying to talk them out of taking their own life. sot- lonnie monroe believes the erson is a troubled teenager. sot- lonnie but somehow, the two connected. police and fire shut the area down and more than an hour after the ordeal started. the person got off the ledge safely -- thanks in large part to lonnie monroe. sot- lonnie traffic is now back open in the area.
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the main front will push through into the overnight hours. there'll be a few light showers during the ninth and in immumorg commute. as we head into the afternoon we have more widespread coverage of rain. as in moving to the evening things
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start coming down after a possible thunderstorm. temperatures will be in the upper cadiz in the '60s--50;s
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fifth while the person who was on the ledge, was taken into custody. live in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. san francisco's candlestick park will close. on a high note. former beatles star. paul mccartney is confirmed for the farewell tour this summer. mccartney made the announcement on his website early today. he will return to candlestick park to take the stage in august. and bid farewell to one of san francisco's most iconic landmarks. candlestick organizers are thrilled. for what they say. will be a show to remember. the beatles played their final paid concert at the stick almost 50 years ago. back then. ticket prices ranged from only four- dollars- fifty cents. to six- dollars. this time around. it is anyone's guess. the ticket prices have not been released. tickets will go on sale may 5- th. coming up-- water officials trying to ease
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husband is accused of an unthinkable crime against their foster baby. later in our broadcast: you'll surely do a double -take. when you find out who is homeless in the big apple. and why. but first: dry as a bone. find out if the rain in the forecast. will help battle our drought. new at 8:30 -
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rain is in the forecast but it won't be nearly enough. to end the on-going drought. kron 4's charles clifford has a look at just how dry california is right now. standup the u.s. drought monitor released it's weekly summary of drought conditions across the country today. here in california, the peak of the rainy season.. april 1st.. has come and gone and we are now seeing conditions than are getting drier every week. the drought monitor reports that about 4 percent of the state.. mostly in the southeast has moderate drought conditions...from there it just gets worse. 19 percent of california is dealing with severe drought. half of the state.. including most of the north is in extreme drought and a quarter of california.. including the central valley,
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dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. statewide california's 12 largest reservoirs are holding... on average.. about 66 percent of the water that they normally have at this time of year. that's just over half of the total possible storage. standup and finally, california's snowpack, which is already one
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of the smallest in recorded history, is starting to melt off. in the northern sierra, the snowpack is at just 8 percent of average for this time of year, the central sierra.. which includes tahoe.. is a little better of at 22 percent, and the southern sierra snowpack is at a meager 17 percent of average. and again those percentages are shrinking almost daily now that the weather is getting warmer. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. tonight, local water officials are trying to ease fears over san francisco's tap water. in part, because of the ongoing drought -- the city has been planning to integrate groundwater. with water from sources such as hetch hetchy. kron 4's dan kerman reports on this future blend of drinking water. in southern california. we're now learning that the crash involving a school bus.
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has injured 11- middle school children. and the bus driver in anaheim. earlier it was reported that the kids were elementary students. tonight, the driver, and 2 of the children are in critical condition.
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three others have also been hospitalized for less severe injuries. authorities say, the bus was coming down a hill fast. when it went airborne and hit a tree. police say, no other vehicles were involved in the crash, the rhetoric is heating up. as the crisis in ukraine becomes more violent. today. u-s secretary of state john kerry. accused russia of failing to live up to commitments it made. to ease the tensions in ukraine. secretary kerry says, pro- russian insurgents have been carrying out military operations. under orders from moscow. and says, unless moscow takes immediate steps to de-escalate the situation, washington will have no choice but to impose additional sanctions. secretary kerry's comments come, amid an increasingly bitter war of words. over who is to blame for the crisis in ukraine. russia has accused the u-s of encouraging a pro-western government in kiev. to adopt anti- russian policies. still ahead tonight-- dirty money. the new study that reveals just how filthy those dollar bills are in your wallet. pbb whip and next-- a car that cleans itself? the high- tech invention that could soon eliminate car washes. it sounds almost too good to be true. but nissan is testing a self- cleaning paint, that could make car washes obsolete. the company posted this video demonstrating. one side of a nissan car has what's called nano-paint.the other does not. the car is then driven through wet and muddy roads. but only half the car gets dirty. the other half with the nano paint seems to repel the dirt. the secret is in the car's paint.which uses a material called "ultra-ever dry" to add a protective layer between the car and the environment. nissan says.right now there are no plans are being made to make it a standard feature -- but it
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might be sold as an 'add-on'. time magazine has released the 2014 list of the 100- most influential people in the world. this year's list includes a record 41 -women. including singer beyoncé, who is featured on the cover.
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actor robert redford. openly gay n-b-a player jason collins. and general motors c-e-o mary barra. are also featured. president obama appears on the list for the ninth- time. others include secretary of state john kerry. russian president vladimir putin. pope francis. and singer miley cyrus. the issue goes on sale tomorrow. this is a big rig car carrier not quite stopping for a stop sign in concord but i'm not looking at stop sigh violators nats: ambiance for close to 50 years farm bureau rad in concord has been a truck route connecting willow pass road with clayton road a path just slightly over a mile long
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dirty money. filthy luchre. any way you want to put it, your wallet is apparently hopping with germs. for the first time, scientists have looked at the d-n-a on a one-dollar bill, and most people would have the same reaction: yuck! here's catherine heenan. the study by the dirty money project at new york university analyzed all the genetic material found on a one dollar bill. it turns out your wallet is a virtual petri dish of bacteria. the study found 3=thousand different bactria strains on a typical bill. the most common can cause acne, gastric ulcers and pneumonia.
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they found genetic material that makes people more resistant to antibiotics. also on the bills: mouth microbes, the researchers think that's because some people lick their fingers before counting money, bacteria from other parts of the body also turned up. the conclusion: ""people probably aren't washing their hands after the bathroom," some people say one way to make money safer is to change the material it's made of. canadian currency is printed on a fancy plastic, but it's not clear whether it's actually more germ=free. the best advice: wash your hands after handling any currency. want to live like a celebrity? well you're in luck. actor robin williams' napa estate is on the market. for nearly 30-million dollars. the home fittingly called -- villa of smiles -- comes with a ton of extravagant features. a 65-foot infinity swimming pool. nearly 19 acres of planted vineyards. a 12-seat theater. and five
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bedrooms. the estate also comes with a fishing pond. the actor says he's selling the home because he can't afford to keep it. check out a complete slideshow of the estate. on our website. kron-4-dot com. and new tonight at the end of this newscast-- a homeless man. blending in on the streets of new york. but it's not what it seemed. even a good samaritan. who offered the man some food. had no idea she's trying to help out one of the most famous men in the world. our sister network "inside edition" has the story. the 64-year old actor went undercover for the movie "time out of mind." gere co-stars in the film with kyra sedgwick. who also plays a homeless woman.
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we will be seeing green in the overnight hours as well as tomorrow. and then again another chance of rain as a move into the weekend saturday and sunday .
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